Minutes of Mt. Graham Coalition Board Meeting, Dec. 2012


Tucson, Arizona
December 28, 2012

The meeting was convened by Roger Featherstone, President, a few minutes after 3 pm at the home of Peter Warshall and Diana Hadley. Present at the meeting besides Roger were John Welch, Sky Crosby, Peter Warshall and Dinah Bear. Suzan Harjo, David Hodges and Brock Evans joined us by phone.

Roger began with a brief financial report. The Coalition has about $665 in its bank account. Roger then summarized the minutes from the April 29, 2012, meeting and the meetings were approved.

The discussion then turned to the status of the permit for the MIGO Observatory. Dinah noted she had circulated the provision of the Administrative Procedures Act that extends the life of a permit if the permitee has made a timely request for a renewal. Neither the statute nor case law puts a limit on the time the permit can be extended. Dinah then raised several questions related to a pending Freedom of Information Act request to the Forest Service in regards to the status of the MIGO permits and also any new construction that has or is about to take place on the mountain. She also noted that the Forest Service website indicates that the final EIS for renewal of the recreational cabins permit will be published in January. Roger suggested that we seek a meeting with Forest Supervisor Jim Upchurch on Mt. Graham issues.

There was a brief discussion of the status of the Mt. Graham squirrel. Peter emphasized that while the latest census report indicates 214 squirrels that should be caveated with the fact that most of those squirrels are male; probably only 75-90 are female. Further, the surveys continue to take place in the spring, instead of the fall. No one had information about the status of the squirrels in the Phoenix zoo or the recovery plan.

The discussion then turned to various issues associated with Ola Cassadore-Davis’ recent passing. Various ways of honoring her work were identified. Dinah will check into the process for nominating women to the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame, and also the University of Arizona’s Women’s Plaza. Another possibility would be a Mount Graham Coalition award given in her name. Sky brought up the need to reconnect with the Apache Survival Coalition, and John will make some calls in that regard. Mike Davis’ situation was also discussed in detail. In the short term, there will be a team of people put together to help out with immediate needs around the house.

The discussion turned to archiving the records of individuals involved in the Mt. Graham struggle. Peter has identified a company in the Los Angeles area that can transfer old recordings to DVDs, but Sky may do this work himself. Everyone was asked to send Peter a note indicating what material they had that would be suitable for archiving. Peter will do a write-up of his archives for use as a possible template. Brock again mentioned the possibility of the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center if we do not find an Arizona institution willing to take them.

It was decided we should have a meeting in late February. Suzan will be in Tucson on March 28th to speak at the University, and we will probably have another meeting scheduled around her visit. She will also seek a meeting with the new University President, Ann Weaver Hart.

The meeting was adjourned a bit after 5 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dinah Bear