June 2013 Mt. Graham Coalition Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Mount Graham Coalition was Friday, June 14th at 4:00 Arizona time, at Roger Featherstone's house.  In attendance were Roger, Sky Crosby, Dinah Bear, David Hodges and Lucy Hodges, and Diana Hadley.  Brock Evans and Suzan Harjo joined by phone.

Election of officers: The following slate of officers were (re)elected: Roger Featherstone, President; Sky Crosby, Vice President; Dinah Bear, Secretary.  Dinah expressed a desire to step down from being Secretary asap and Suzan Harjo agreed to assume the position of Secretary in the fall of 2013.  The Board voted unanimously to accept this arrangement.

The addition of new board members was also discussed.  In particular, Paul Hirt and Vandsler Noise were discussed.  Paul is in Europe for a few weeks but will be approached when he returns.  Roger Featherstone will talk to Wendlse Noise about appropriate representation from a young Apache member.

Finances: We have approximately $1,200 in the bank.

Memorial in September:  The Memorial for Peter Warshall, Ola Cassadore and Michael Davis will be Saturday afternoon, September 21st on Mt. Graham.  The Upper Hospital Flat area has been reserved for September 20-22.  Diana will talk to Bill DeBuys about leading the event, and will also send out invitations to Peter's family and friends, including logistical information. She will provide lunch prior to the Saturday afternoon service; Dinah offered to help.  Others volunteered to help with camping gear and awnings. We should know well before the event whether there is likely to be a closure on the mountain.

Mount Graham Sacred Run: This will take place from July 25-8th and the next Board meeting will be held there.

Archiving of Mount Graham materials:  Bob Witzeman's materials are being digitized for submission to the Library of Congress.  Vernalda (San Carlos) will get the paper copies once the task is completed.  Other venues were discussed, and the general consensus was that ASU would be the first choice, with the University of Wyoming as a possible back-up.  David Hodges offered to help Sky with his videos.

Continuation of Scientists for the Preservation of Mount Graham:  At an appropriate time, Roger and David will get together with Diana and go over the names of the members of the committee to ascertain who might be interested in continuing the effort.

MGRS "captive breeding program" & Critical Habitat recovery and restoration updates:  No news, but all of the issues are covered in the FOIA request that Dinah submitted on May 7th.

Pinaleño Ecosystem Restoration Project update:  David reported that the CNF has a goal of treating 430 acres this summer.  The CNF is not using horse logging.

The MGIO "Discovery Center" tours (local news just announced new season of tours begun) -- and what should be done about them:

These tours are going to begin in July.  Diana raised the issue of whether there was any legal means of requiring the U of A. to provide information about the issues from the perspective of Apaches and those concerned about the Mt. Graham Red Squirrel.  Dinah said she would consider regarding federal agency responsibility.

Update on other Special Uses Permits on MG (Bible Camp, Summer homes, etc.): No new information; covered under the May 7th FOIA request.

The AZDOT "Scenic Byways/Highways" Swift Trail (Hwy/State Route 366) update: There had been disucssion of paving about this, but no new information. Michael raised this; may have information.

Latest Mount Graham FOIA:  Dinah filed an extensive FOIA request on behalf of the Coalition on May 7, 2013.  The CNF responded with a request for an email, but hasn't been heard from since.  Dinah will follow up with the CNF.

Respectfully submitted, Dinah Bear, Secretary