April 2011 Meeting Minutes



APRIL 29, 2012

The Mount Graham Coalition Board and other friends of Mt. Graham convened at Peter Warshall’s home in Tucson, Arizona, at approximately 4:15 pm on April 29th, 2012. Board Members present were Roger Featherstone, Sky Crosby, Dinah Bear, Peter Warshall and Suzan Harjo. Brock Evans joined part of the meeting by phone. Others attending included Dwight Metzger, John Welch, Michael Nixon, Roger McManus, Mike Davis and Bob Weitzman.

Roger Featherstone began the meeting by asking Suzan to brief the group on what occurred at the conference and consultation with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples earlier in the week in Tucson. Suzan did so and explained that Wendsler Noise had also spoken at that session and had spoken of Mt. Graham and the history of the University of Arizona’s involvement in its desecration. Suzan recommended that the Coalition submit comments to the Special Rapporteur as soon as possible. She suggested that our comments be organized as a “problem – solution” approach and do it in the context of human rights violations and how the U.S. is violating its own policies and laws. It was noted that Suzan’s statement was covered in Indian Country Today. Roger Featherstone and Peter Warshall agreed to draft comments. Suzan believes the report may be written in the first week in July.

Suzan also announced that the National Prayer Day for Sacred Sites event on the mall will be June 20th, the solstice day, from 8:30-10:30 am. Other events will take place around the country.

The discussion then turned to the issue of archiving historical material. Brock Evans recommended that if we don’t already have a venue, we check with the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center. We need to transcribe video records, oral histories and digitize many sets of files.

There was a brief discussion of the status of the five captive squirrels in the Phoenix zoo. There was also discussion of setting up meetings with Ben Tuggle (US Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director) and Corbin Newman (Forest Service Regional Forester) in Albuquerque.

To do items coming from the meeting:

  1. Dinah will file an updated FOIA request with the Forest Service and also circulate information about the Administrative Provisions Act provision that covers the University’s continued use of the permit for the observatories.
  2. Roger Featherstone will be preparing our annual IRS filing.
  3. Roger and Peter will draft a comment for submittal to the Special Rapporteur.
  4. Peter will follow up with Sky regarding the videos.
  5. Roger will get word to us about the Sacred Run and associated meeting. The next meeting will be scheduled around the Sacred Run which will most likely take place the weekend of July 21-22.

Respectfully submitted,

Dinah Bear